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Hi guys! Here is a brief intro on what Scholarr is and why we started it!

When we first started out in high school, we had no clue how to prepare for college, what to do for extracurriculars, and how to look for things that we're interested in. Over time, we started to figure it out, but this took a process of nearly two years that we could've spent honing our skills.

After talking with more of our friends, we realized that students in high school are unsure on what opportunities to pursue, and they are overwhelmed with the amount of extracurriculars on the Internet. The COVID-19 pandemic makes this even worse as even more companies post extracurriculars, leaving students to manually decide which ones are worth pursuing and which ones will be dead ends.

We hope to streamline that process by providing extracurricular recommendations to students based on their particular interests. Students can use this platform to find extracurriculars suited for them, whether it be in volunteering, school activities, research, or summer programs. Rather than spend time looking through these extracurriculars online, students can easily access them here and get relevant information for how to apply for the program.

Hopefully, this will be a service that will help you immensely in your daily life. We would greatly appreciate it if you answer the questions below!
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