NYWEA 90th Annual Meeting - Lucy Grassano Operator Scholarship - February 5-7, 2018

This scholarship is named after Lucy Grassano, who was a Principal Administrative Assistant at NYCDEP, she was a mentor, friend, teacher and “mother” to many operations staff throughout the years. Everyone needs a coach, it is in this spirit, that these scholarships are granted in her name.

$900 Travel Stipend AND Full Week Registration Waived for Conference

The NYWEA Board of Directors along with the leaders of all seven (7) Chapters want to allow the opportunity for a certified operator to attend the 90th Annual Meeting in New York City.

The criteria are noted below:
1) Must be a Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator**
2) One Operator from EACH CHAPTER will be selected
3) Selections made on the following:
a. Individual has never attended an Annual Meeting of NYWEA in the past
b. Must be a NYWEA member (Membership Application can accompany Scholarship Application)
c. Submit 200 word essay why you would like to attend by December 1st.
**Must work day-to-day in a wastewater treatment or collection utility. NYWEA voluntary collection systems operators also eligible.

Note: $900 is an offsetting stipend for travel expenses. Expenses beyond $900 will have to be paid by the operator directly. Checks will be issued to winners prior to the meeting.

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