National Early Detection Screening (NEDS) of the Impact of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic on Sleep
The current novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has raised many questions and concerns, some of which impact on sleep. Given the importance of healthy sleep for immune function and well-being, the British Sleep Society is interested in the early detection of sleep-related problems resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Mental health, stress, anxiety and lifestyle changes during the lockdown may impact on sleep, even in subjects that were not infected. In addition, there might be an unknown direct impact on sleep in subjects who have had the infection.
We would be grateful if you took the time to fill in this questionnaire and consider distributing it to distribute this to parties who may have an interest in sleep. The results will be used to inform sleep services to support patients in the months to come and establish an early monitoring of potentially newly occurring conditions.

The survey should take you about 10minutes to complete.

BSS statement on sleep-related advice during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

General Government Advice on Covid-19 (not specific to sleep)
• General advice on what to do during the pandemic can be found at
• Patients with conditions other than Covid-19 are given particular advice on how to protect themselves. Find out whether you belong to a vulnerable group of patients at protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19/guidance-on-shielding-and- protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19#what-do-we-mean-by- extremely-vulnerable.
1) Do you currently feel refreshed from sleep? *
2a) Do you currently feel you sleep for long enough? *
2b) How long do you currently sleep? *
3a) Have you been infected with the Covid-19 virus? *
3b) If yes or uncertain to 3a, do you have ongoing symptoms? (tick all that applies)
3c) You selected 'other' in question 3b. Please let us know what you have experienced:
Your answer
4) Has anyone in your household / family been infected by the COVID-19 virus? *
5) Have you or someone in your household needed to self-isolate? *
6) Have you needed to shield as a vulnerable person? *
7) Have you felt that the COVID-19 pandemic or the lockdown have had an impact on your mental health (e.g. feeling low in mood, feeling more irritable)? *
8a) Have you noticed a change in your sleep pattern during the Covid-19 pandemic? *
8b) What have you noticed? (tick all that applies)
8c) You selected 'other' in question 8b. Please let us know what you have experienced.
Your answer
9) Do you currently feel more sleepy than before the lockdown? *
10) Are you more easily fatigued or worn out when exercising compared to before the lockdown? *
11a) Are you concerned about your sleep during the pandemic? *
11b) How concerned are you about your sleep on a scale from 0 (not at all concerned) to 10 (very concerned)?
not at all concerned
very concerned
12a) Are you concerned about the sleep of someone in your family / household? *
12b) You mentioned above that you were concerned about the sleep of someone in your family / household, please specify.
Thank you for answering these questions about sleep-related issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. You have almost finished the survey. In the below, we would like to know a bit more about you.
A) Do you belong to any key worker group (e.g. NHS, public transport, post office, teacher, truck driver, and others)? *
B) Age in years. *
Your answer
C1) Gender *
C2) If you indicated 'other' in the question above, please specify.
Your answer
D1) Ethnic background *
D2) If you indicated 'other' in the question above, please specify.
Your answer
E) Height in meters (m) *
Your answer
F) Weight in kilogram (kg) *
Your answer
G) Do you have any disability? *
H) Do you belong to a vulnerable group or require 'shielding'? *
I) Do you drink more alcohol than before the lockdown? *
J1) Did you take any sleeping pills during the lockdown? *
J2) Did you already take sleeping pills before the lockdown? *
K) Do you take any other sleep-related medication? *
L) On a scale to estimate your health today (0-10), where '0' indicates worst and '10' best health, how would you rate your current health? *
Thank you very much, you have now completed the survey.If you have any concerns regarding the content of the survey, please contact us at the BSS head office (contact details see webpage) or speak to your GP about your sleep or related problems.
If you have urgent medical need related to an acute Covid-19 infection then call 111, only in life-threatening emergencies call 999. Before you call please consider whether your query is urgent, as phone lines will be exceptionally busy during these times and other users may not get through if you have a less urgent request. If you require less urgent Covid-19 information, it is better to consult the advice on the NHS website:
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