Galaxy Training Resource Directory
Please describe the Galaxy Training Resource below. Once submitted it may take up to a week for the resource to show up in the online directory in the Galaxy wiki.
Resource Name *
A short name for the resource. For example, UC Riverside NGS Tutorial, or CHB Harvard RNA-Seq Workshop. The name should be specific enough to distinguish it from all other tutorials on a similar topic.
Resource URL
What is the main URL for the resource? Most resources have URLs, but some, such as Amazon Machine Images, don't have to.
Resource Types *
This is meant to give people a quick idea of what kind of things are include in the resource this is. We expect this list of terms to grow and evolve as more resources are added.
Resource Formats *
What formats/technology are the resources available in?
Domain *
What topic area(s) does the resource cover?
Resource Owners / Maintainers *
What organizations and people created, own, and maintain the resource? You are strongly encourage to include URLs and/or email addresses in the text
Date Created / Updated *
When was the resource created or last updated? Year and month are fine, or just year, if it's been a while.
Extra Information
Everything above will be used to populate the summary box on the resource page, and the tables on the directory page that list all the resources. The information provided in this section is displayed only on the resource's page itself. All but the first question are optional, but providing this information can greatly increase the usability of the resource.

You are encourage to include URLs wherever appropriate.
Resource Description *
Can be short or long. Will appear at the top of the resource's page.
Owner or Resource Logo or Graphic and URL to link to
Most resource pages have an image at the top that links to either the resource itself, or to the owner. Please provide a URL of the image you would like to use, and the URL you would like the image to link to.
Needed Tools
What tools are needed on a Galaxy server to use this resource. If the resource is an AMI, VM, or hosted, then this section can be left blank.
What datasets are needed to use this resource? Where can they be found?
Please provide any URLs and descriptive text for them that are also useful when using this resource.
Bonus Material!
Don't feel constrained by the questions above. The resource page can contain all sorts of additional information. This is where you provide it.
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