Integration of Migrant Communities in Waterford (City & County)
This questionnaire is open to all migrants, ethnic minority communities and foreign-born nationals who live / work in Waterford. It is also open to the children (first generation) of migrants.

The Waterford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) along with partner agencies, are preparing a three-year strategy to promote the integration of migrants. The purpose of the strategy is to make Waterford a more welcoming and inclusive place, and to eliminate all forms of prejudice and intolerance.

As part of this process, Dr Breandán Ó Caoimh and Margaret Ward have been engaged to independently undertake a consultation exercise with those who have made Waterford their home from abroad and those who are the children of migrants. This questionnaire is part of that consultation exercise.

All questionnaires are anonymous, and responses will be treated with COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY. You will not be identified in any way, and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Any questions or queries should be addressed to
A. About Yourself
By proceeding, you consent to your confidential and anonymised responses being included in the research.
A1. What is your gender?
A2. In what country were you born?
Your answer
A3a. What is your nationality?
Your answer
A3b. What is / was your mother's nationality?
Your answer
A4. How long have you been living in Ireland?
A5. How long have you been living in Waterford?
A6. Where did you live immediately prior to coming to live in Waterford?
Your answer
A7. Do you have an Irish spouse / partner?
A8a. Do you have a child / children born in Ireland?
A8b. Do you have any children under 16?
A8c. If yes, how many?
Your answer
A8d. How many of them live in Ireland?
Your answer
A9. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Please tick one option in each case.
In general, people in my home country / my parents' home country (if this is NOT Ireland) are welcome and tolerant of foreigners.
I am an open and tolerant person.
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