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Please put time guests will start arriving (into room where we are playing, so we know when to be quiet by!)
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Performance room
What band is band performing in? Need name, location at site, access to room
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Please list your top songs from our list. This will give us a good idea of your musical tastes!
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DO NOT PLAY LIST - Please tell us what specific songs or artists to NOT play *
Sometimes people like 80's but don't like Journey or MJ! It's important to know what songs you don't want to hear at your event!
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Client providing music on mp3 or computer/tablet? If not, what genres wanted for set breaks
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Guests arrival time (so we know when to be quiet), announcements (are these made by band or client?), event start time, times desired for band's set lists, final song done by time, and band must be loaded out by.
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Dinner Set List - If your contract includes "dinner set" please provide genre requested.
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Introductions *
Should the band be expected to introduce anybody or make any announcements?
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Age range, total # attending
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Will band be fed? *
We know catering can be pricey, so a deli tray for 10 people and a case of bottled water please!
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We prefer to eat 2 hours before performance time if possible!
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Person from whom we collect the balance day of (balance is due on or before event date via check or credit card) *
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What is the name, location, and time the band can access their green room please?
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