2019 Library Services Survey
Please help us improve library services by answering the questions below. Don't forget to enter your name/phone in our drawing! The drawing will be held Thursday, August 1st.
What did you enjoy about the Summer Learning Program this year?
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What are some ways that we can improve the Summer Learning Program next year?
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What materials would you most likely check out from the library?
If you chose "OTHER" in the previous question, please share a list of items you would like to check out that the library doesn't provide.
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Mark your top three choices of improvements you would like to see made to the library.
Please share your ideas on how to improve the library.
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What do you see as the most effective way the library can serve community members living OUTSIDE of Bedford city limits?
If you chose "OTHER" in the previous question, please share some ideas of how the library can better serve community members living outside Bedford city limits.
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