Remote Monitoring Survey
We are interested in learning more about providers' experiences with remote care programs, including the drivers — and barriers — to their implementation. The following survey aims to gather data with respect to the current and future state of remote monitoring.

All survey participants will receive a complimentary registration to Becker's 4th Annual Health IT + Revenue Cycle Conference taking place September 19-22, 2018. A member from Becker's team will reach out to you after you complete the survey to confirm your registration for the event.
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What are the personnel barriers to implementing a remote monitoring program (Select all that apply)? *
Post-EHR, what are the greatest technical considerations for implementing a new SaaS solution? *
What are the greatest concerns related to data privacy and security of patient-generated health data (PGHD)? (Select the top three) *
What is your primary interoperability challenge? *
What percentage of your patient population is in a value-based or capitated payment model? *
What is the biggest barrier to adopting remote care strategies in your organization? *
How many disparate applications does an average clinician use on a day-to-day basis? *
What business models are most likely to succeed in your organization to support remote patient monitoring programs? *
To what extent do readmission penalties affect the programs and services you offer? *
What do you think the opportunities are for remote monitoring within your organization? *
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