Peace in Medicine Brand Transition Survey
As you may have heard, in preparation for the launch of California’s legal adult use laws, Peace in Medicine is changing it’s name to SPARC. All of our wonderful staff will remain, as will our commitment to providing you with a top notch customer experience on every single visit. We are reaching out to our valued community members during this process of brand transition for feedback on how to make the transition smooth, properly memorialize the significant impact the brand Peace in Medicine has had on our lives, and most importantly to seek ways to improve our services to you going forward.

In this first section, please share with us your experience with our company and cannabis in general.

Are you currently a member at Peace in Medicine?
If so, how long have you been a member?
If not, have you been a member previously?
How long have you been using cannabis?
How often do you visit Peace in Medicine?
Which Peace in Medicine location do you primarily visit?
What are your top reasons to choose our company over other options? (check all that apply)
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