Pupil Learning Questionnaire
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1. Which school year are you currently in? *
2. This school gives me the opportunity to learn and make good progress *
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3. Most of my lessons are interesting *
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4. I have fun when I am learning *
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5. Teachers are helpful if I am having any problems with my work *
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6. Teachers give me work during lesson time which I am able to do *
7. Teacher's marking and feedback helps me to improve my work *
8. Teachers help me to identify my next steps or targets for learning *
9. I feel like I am being challenged in my learning *
10. I know how well I am doing in my classes *
11. Teachers treat us fairly, and they are kind *
12. Saturday school is more varied and interesting than it used to be *
13. Saturday school gives me the opportunity to learn differently from my usual lesson time during the week *
14. I am given prep which I am able to complete independently *
15. My preps are varied - they can sometimes involve me being creative and thoughtful *
16. If I am upset, I know which teacher(s) I can talk to *
17. My tutor/class teacher helps to support me with organisation and preparation for my time at school if I need it *
18. My tutor/class teacher knows me well, and understands my character *
19. When I find something challenging, my tutor/class teacher helps me to overcome it *
20. My tutor/class teacher gives me 1:1 time to discuss my own targets and challenges *
21. I am highly engaged and motivated to learn as much as I can during lessons *
22. If you would like to add any other comments, please write them below:
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