Jim Furrow, Ph.D. EFFT seminar and advanced training in Tallinn
Emotionally Focused Family Therapy: Healing Relationships and Promoting Resilience
1 – 2 October, 2018, and 2 – 3 October, 2018 in Tallinn

James Furrow, Ph.D.

Workshop Description:
Family therapy approaches based on attachment theory have shown increasing promise for treating psychological disorders common among adolescents. Researchers using Attachment Based Family Therapy (Diamond, Reis, Diamond, Siqueland, & Isaacs, 2002) have demonstrated effective outcomes in random clinical trials of adolescent depression and anxiety disorders. These approaches show promise for the use of attachment based family therapy interventions among youth and their families. Johnson, Maddeaux, and Blouin (1998) explored the use of Emotionally Focused Therapy in a treatment of youth with eating disorders. Their pilot study showed an effective reduction of bulimic symptoms among adolescents in this initial pilot study of Emotionally Focused Family Therapy.

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is an attachment-based approach that combines both systemic and experiential interventions to mend broken bonds and heal fractured families. EFFT therapists focus on the emotional experience within a family and the problem patterns that block family members from accessing the resources they would otherwise share (Johnson, 2004). A primary goal of EFFT is to reduce problematic behavior by creating new patterns of emotional accessibility and responsiveness that offer a secure base for children to develop and families to thrive. EFFT provides a practical approach to engaging families at an emotional level. Accessing, processing, and connecting family members through the power of emotional experience promotes healing and fosters a family’s resilience to the everyday and unexpected challenges of life.

This provides participants an introduction to the use of attachment-based interventions with families. Specific attention will be given to the practice of Emotionally Focused Family Therapy. Lecture instruction and experiential exercises will be used to provide participants with an understanding of the model and a practical introduction to the application of EFFT.

Workshop Format
This workshop will combine didactic instruction, experiential exercises, and case examples to demonstrate the practice of EFFT. Participants are encouraged to bring examples from their casework to explore the application of EFFT to their own work. When possible live demonstration sessions are included.

Learning Objectives: Participants will…
1. Conceptualize family distress using theories of emotion and attachment.
2. Identify the stages and markers of change in the EFFT approach.
3. Identify therapist practices that promote a working alliance with parents and children.
4. Practice key interventions common to processing attachment related affect.
5. Delineate key practices of EFFT from EFT work with couples.
6. Practice enactments used to restructure new patterns of interaction promoting new levels of safety and security in the family.
7. Explore the relationship of secure attachment to family patterns of resilience.

Engaging Emotion and Transforming Families
Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy
James Furrow PhD
3 – 4 October, Tallinn

This two-day advanced training focuses on increasing therapist confidence and ability to practice Emotionally Focused Family Therapy to stabilize family distress and restructure relational bonds. Participants explore EFFT assessment and treatment practices that guide families through relationship blocks and promote corrective emotional experiences. This training includes specific practices for working through negative patterns and regaining emotional balance following attachment related principles. Video examples and practices exercise provide opportunities for participants to observe EFFT in action and further their understanding and skill in this innovative approach to transforming family distress.


Participants will be able to…

1. Conceptualize family patterns of distress based on attachment and emotion theories.
2. Identify EFFT process of change and related treatment markers.
3. Guide a treatment plan and alliance practices to promote family involvement in treatment.
4. Assess safety and contraindications for EFFT practice and conjoint practice.
5. Organize family patterns and process relational blocks to vulnerability.
6. Utilize EFFT interventions to access attachment related affect and related needs.
7. Promote parental acceptance and engagement of child through enactments.
8. Identify treatment practices guiding EFFT with divorced and remarried families.

Venue: Venue: will be in Tallinn, soon coming more information about it. Please ask help from organizers if you need help with accommodation please write pereterapeudid@gmail.com

Two-day workshop in 1- 2 October, price is 190€
And advanced trining workshop in 3 – 4 October price is 220€ (group just 25-30 people).

For two day (1–2.10.2018) + two day EFFT traing (3- 4.10.2018) Jim Furrow workshop participation fee is 410€ (early registration price before 1st September is 360€).
Ask more pereterapeudid@gmail.com

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