CBU Greek Life Grade Release
As a member of the Greek community at Christian Brothers University, you are required to keep a certain GPA requirement in order to remain in good standing with the Office of Student Life. Please complete the following survey as a means to release your academic GPA to the chapter of which you are a member.
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Please read the following statement:
"I hereby authorize release of my grade point average and academic progress to the Coordinator of Greek Life & Student Activities, faculty/chapter advisor, chapter president, scholarship chairperson, new member educator, and/or national office as long as I am an active member of that fraternity/sorority. Also, I authorize the release of information regarding my Greek membership status to students, faculty, and/or staff of the university."

Furthermore, I understand and agree to abide by the university hazing policy: 'Hazing is defined as any deliberate individual or group action intending harm by being placed in dangerous or precarious situations. Hazing may also consist of actions, which inflict and/or result in personal indignity or physical injury. Hazing may consist of actions which cause or inflict physical pain, assault, battery, intentional emotional distress, risk or physical harm, which result in the impairment of academic performance or of the proper fulfillment of obligations to the University, sponsored groups or activities.'

To indicate your agreement with the above statement, and to confirm that the above information is accurate, please type your full name below. *
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