St. Gabriel 36th Annual PTU Craft Boutique APPLICATION
Friday, November 8, 2019 from 5pm-9pm
Saturday, November 9, 2019 from 9am-3pm

WHERE: St. Gabriel School 9935 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Concord, Ohio 44060

Contact us at:

Dear Artisan,
Welcome to the APPLICATION PROCESS for the 2019 St. Gabriel PTU Craft Boutique. You are invited to apply to display your art and craft works in our upcoming JURIED show. Simply complete this application and send three photos of your craft to the email above. This application provides you with the details, so please read carefully. We look forward to receiving your information.

We will be accepting over 100+ Artisans for our prestigious 2 day show, which draws in over 2,000 guests every year!

Please note: We are a JURIED SHOW. We are NOT ACCEPTING commercial vendors, direct sales or multi-level marketing in this show.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: MAY 1, 2019. All applications received after this date will be placed on a wait list.

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Before I begin the application process, I understand that this is a juried show and the St. Gabriel PTU Craft Boutique is not accepting commercial vendors, direct sales or multi-level marketing this year (2019). I understand that this is NOT a contract and I have not yet been accepted into the show. *
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Where was your booth space from the previous year? (classroom, hallway, gym, cafeteria- if applicable)
Product Description- please check no more than (2) that describe your merchandise. (must be accompanied with (2) product photos and (1) booth photo *
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All items displayed at this show are to be unique handcrafted items. We will not accept any multi-level marketing/vendor professionals at this event. Whether a product or material may be exhibited and/or sold at this event is within the sole discretion of the St. Gabriel School PTU Exhibitor Juried Committee. All decisions by the jury are final.

2. FEES:
$90.00 fee for one booth space which includes- one 8ft. table and two chairs. $10.00 fee for electrical use-(optional)

If you need electricity for your booth space, there will be a $10.00 fee that will be added to your invoice. Extension cords are prohibited by the Fire Marshall. The Fire Marshall will only allow long cord surge protector power strips. All cords must be taped down. St. Gabriel PTU will do their best to accommodate your request for electricity as there is a limited number of wall spaces available.

Artisans must submit (3) photos with their application- (1 booth set up and 2 craft item(s). Please email your photos to and include your name and company name in the email. Photographs will not be returned and become the property of St. Gabriel School PTU.

Artisans are asked/required to donate an item for the raffle-$20 value/ Food Artisan-$10 value. Donation will be collected on the day of set up. Please attach a business card to your donation. We will provide you with a tax exempt form for your donation. Artisan donations will be used for our Spin To Win Raffle which customers really enjoy!

You must sign in at the ARTISAN REGISTRATION TABLE before you set up. At this time, we will collect your donated item and give you your information packet. Information packet will include a floor plan, brochure, tax exempt form for your donated item, complimentary beverage ticket, WiFi code, menu and booth space assignment.

There will be student volunteers who will be available to help unload/load vehicles, if needed. After you have unloaded your vehicle, please move to the far south side of the parking lot so our patrons have room to park. There will be parking monitors to make sure that all cars are moved to the south parking lot to assure adequate guest parking.

8. SET UP:
The school will be open for Artisans to set up on Thursday, Nov. 7, from 5:30pm-8:00pm and Friday, Nov. 8, from 1:00pm-3:30pm. All Artisans must to be completely set up by 3:45pm so the Fire Marshall can begin the safety check at 4:00pm. Doors open to customers on Friday at 5:00pm. Doors open to Artisans on Saturday at 8:00am and to customers at 9:00am. Event Coordinators will be monitoring Artisans on day of set up to make sure all are in booth compliance.

Artisan booth spaces include four areas: Hallways, Classrooms, Cafeteria, and Gym. Booth spaces will be assigned by the show's coordinators. Artisan Booth space may not be sublet or shared. Placement, flow and competition will be taken into consideration to provide the best experience possible for the Artisans and guests. Artisans must ensure that their display fits within their rented space and must not extend into isles or their neighbor space. Classroom spaces allows Artisan's the opportunity to spread out. If you would like a slightly larger spaced offered in the classrooms, please indicate that in the comments section at the bottom of the application. All tables must be covered with full length coverings on all sides visible to the public. Artisans must display official booth number. IMPORTANT>>>You will be provided an 8ft. table with 2 chairs as part of your booth space. Each space is 8ft. long, 4 ft. deep and 2 ft. between each crafter. The 8ft. table fits in this space.

This will not be tolerated. This creates a variety of problems including blocked walkways, upset Artisans, and safety issues. We strive to treat Artisans with respect and courtesy, and expect all Artisans to do the same.

The show ends on Saturday, Nov. 9, at 3:00pm. Under no circumstance are Artisans permitted to break down the display tables prior to 3:00pm. Artisans are responsible for their selling spaces. Before leaving, please make sure your area is clean and trash free.

For your enjoyment, a delicious array of homemade foods and desserts will be available for your dining pleasure such as our famous meatballs/cavatelli, pepperoni balls, sausage/pepper sandwiches as well as other lunch items, snacks, breakfast and beverage items. Meal delivery/snacks/beverages will be made available to your booth by student volunteers.

We will offer a variety of raffles to our guests this year which include: 50/50, PTU Charity Raffle, and Spin to Win Raffle.

This is a raffle only for the the selected juried Artisans in the Craft Boutique. Three raffles include the opportunity to win one complimentary dinner Friday night, one complimentary lunch on Saturday and the grand prize of a complimentary booth space-$90 for this year (2019) to be given to one Artisan. Grand prize drawing-Saturday at 2pm. Juried Artisans are automatically entered into these raffles.

St. Gabriel PTU Craft Boutique is a juried show. St. Gabriel PTU reserves the right to decline any application for booth space if there are already too many Artisans with similar products, or in the event that their products are deemed not appropriate for the show. Applications may be put on a wait list and held onto until either an acceptance or rejection determination can be made. Upon juried approval, a confirmation/acceptance letter will be sent as an email, phone call or letter will be sent out to Artisan which will provide a link to accept payment on booth rental. A week before the show, Artisans will receive an email/letter containing last minute details.

When you have received the link that provides you the information to pay online, you will have 10 days to make your payment. The full payment for booth space is non-refundable. If paying by check, please send booth fee of $90.00, with electrical (optional) fee of $10.00 to St. Gabriel School, 9935 Johnnycake Ridge Rd., Mentor, Oh. 44060, ATTN: St. Gabriel PTU Craft Boutique. A $35.00 fee will be charged for NSF checks. The full payment for booth space includes payment, submission of the application, signed agreement and photos.

Advertising is extremely important and we take it seriously! We have approximately 2,000+ guests visit the Craft Boutique. We get the word out by our NEW Facebook event page, so please like us at St. Gabriel PTU Craft Boutique. Other forms of social media include Instagram and Twitter as well as sending information on the show to special community groups. We advertise in local newspapers and magazines, cross promote at other community events, have online event listings, posters, electronic outdoor signage, press releases, hand delivered distribution flyers to local restaurants/businesses, and are included in the Northern Ohio Arts and Crafts Shows Book. Artisans will also receive an email with flyers for you to display/distribute at other shows or post on your Facebook and website. Please add our Craft Boutique to your advertising- we will both benefit.

Artisans will be fully responsible for any loss or damage to his/her property by theft, fire or casualty. Saint Gabriel School/Parish disclaims any responsibility for the same. Artisans shall be responsible for any damages which may be incurred to the facilities as a result of or in connection with its operation. Each Artisan is responsible for the conduct of his/her employees and/or representatives, and activities must not distract from the welfare of the show. Be prepared with enough product for the size crowd over two days. (average 2,000 attendees). Any Artisan who runs out of product before the end of the show, may not be accepted back to participate in future shows. Artisans must be present at their booth space for the entire show.

All fees are non-refundable. St. Gabriel PTU is not liable if weather or conditions prevent the Artisan from attending and fulfilling the contractual obligation as an Artisan.

Artisan agrees to indemnify and hold harmless St. Gabriel School PTU, St. Gabriel School staff/volunteers and St. Gabriel Parish from and against any loss, expense, claims, damages, causes of action, injuries, suits or damages, suits to person or property, including attorney's fees, arising out of or related to the operation of the Artisans at the St. Gabriel PTU Craft Boutique. We make no guarantees on number of attendees or individual sales.

21. Thank you so much for your interest in our Craft Boutique and taking the time to fill out this Application. We look forward to a wonderful event! We will be contacting you soon. God Bless!

If accepted into this juried show, I acknowledge and will abide by the show terms/condition listed above for the 2019 St. Gabriel PTU Craft Boutique. *
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QUESTIONS/COMMENTS: we appreciate your feedback
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