Team Wales XTC 2023 Declaration of Interest
Hello there!

My name is Dylan Jones and I have the honour of being the current captain of Wales for the XTC!

To give some fair warning, there is a HUGE amount of text coming up. Please take the time to read and digest all of it. It's very important!

It is likely that there will be both online and in person events this year. Please indicate whether you're interested in either/both.

Last year, partly due to circumstances outside of my control, the composition of the team was made by reaching out to people who I either knew, had briefly met or knew of (and never met!) and asking if they would be interested in taking part.

This year, for the purpose of transparency and fairness, I'm gathering interest for involvement in the team by posting publicly and inviting applications. Once I've got an idea of how many people are interested (i.e. enough or not enough!) then I'll look at how to put a team together.

My current intention is to run (based on there being enough interest) some sort of qualifying tournament. This tournament will be run on TTS (as the XTC will be) and be 1 game a week over the course of 4-6 weeks (depending on numbers).

The tournament results won't be the only deciding factor as there are other things to consider such as availability and faction representation. The tournament will simply inform me of people's commitment, ability to contact an opponent to arrange a game and a rough idea of where their play level is.

Before completing this form there are some things you need to be aware of so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you read this next part carefully.

1. There is an entry fee for the XTC! Not everyone knows this so I'm making it clear here. 

2. I value character and sportsmanship above results. While we will do our best to qualify I would NEVER want it to be at the cost of the reputation of our country. In the interest of putting together a good, balanced team please understand that winning the tournament does NOT guarantee you a spot. The tournament's main purpose is for information gathering.  Also it's worth knowing that each player needs to understand that there will be times that you may be 'thrown under the bus' into a bad matchup in order to gain better matchups elsewhere. Always try your best though!

3. The online XTC group stage will be played as 1 game a week across 4-7 weeks (depending on how many teams enter). You will potentially need to be available to play 1 game per week. In 2022 this happened during June and July. There is currently no indication when it will be in 2023. Being available also includes playing against players in very different time zones. Compromises may need to be made!

4. The online XTC Final stage is played as a 2 day tournament over a weekend. The time zone used will depend on the make up of the final stage so is TBC. In 2022 this was on the final weekend of August and played in the central Europe time zone. Again, there have been discussions over whether the dates will be the same next year but no firm decision has been made.

5. There IS going to an in-person XTC this year. It will be held in Belgium in August 2023. No firm dates or locations yet. Please bear this in mind when committing with your answer! 

6. The playing stages are not the only commitment. In the build up we will need to select lists and play test games against each other. We will also need to look at opposing team's lists and work out good/bad matchups. In 2022 we held several meetings over Discord voice chat (approx. one a week once the tournament started). Availability for these early meetings is crucial.

7Representing your country for anything is an honour that not everyone gets to experience. My strong preference is to have the team made up of players who have a Welsh connection. Rules on this are fairly relaxed (for example qualifying through a grandparent) but were designed to make it possible for as many countries as possible to fill out a roster and enter a team. So if you were born in Wales, live in Wales, have close family connections or if you FLGS is in Wales then you are in a good position to be involved. If none of these apply to you but you are still interested in getting involved please do fill out the form and put your name forward, you may still be approached!

If any of the points have put you off a little, then please understand it's partly on purpose! Being part of the XTC is a big commitment but it is also really rewarding, a huge amount of fun and amazing to be part of a team! It's important that you fully comprehend the level of commitment before getting involved.

It's also worth knowing that we can have several substitutes. Life happens and if you're not able to make a game (work changes, holidays, sick kids, etc) then we can arrange for someone else to step in.

As a team we must enter 5* players with lists for those players to play using 5 different factions. Subs can step in to replace any of these players but we cannot swap between the 5 (for example, the Rebel play can't play the Imperial list if the Imperial player is unavailable and have a sub play Rebels. The sub would have to come in and play Imperial).

* 2022 had 5 lists per team. 2019 had 7. It's likely to be 5 again but we don't know for sure yet!

As well as 'first team' players and subs I would also love to have other contributing team members. People who could make strategic/tactical suggestions, analysis of games and be available to play against other team members for general practice or specific list matchups.

At the moment this form is simply to gauge interest and gather together a list of people who would like to be involved. If you fancy it and want to throw your hat in the ring, complete the form below and I'll be in touch when the time comes!

If you have actually read this far without skipping any of it then you really are a champion!

If you have any questions, queries or problems you can either comment or reply wherever you saw this posted out or message me directly on Discord - DylJones#1724

Cymru am byth!
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