Writer Portfolio Drop - Dungeons on a Dime
Hello, and thanks for taking the time to drop me a line about your creative writing portfolio! I’ll be looking through all of the entries here and contacting those that are relevant to upcoming projects as they happen.

- Fill out the questions honestly
- Send your info, even if you have no ‘professional’ experience
- Write short answers; this shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to fill out

- Make new work specifically for this portfolio drop; it’s draining and unfair on you
- Stress about formality; I’m just a dude, you’re just a person, this isn’t an interview :)
Email address *
What name should I call you by, and what are your pronouns? *
Example: I’m Brian, I use He/Him pronouns.
What name/alias would you like to be credited by in your work and online? *
Example: Brian Tyrrell
What are your social media handles? *
Example: Instagram/Twitter - @dungeonsonadime
What sort of stories do you like to tell? *
Example: I love both high and low fantasy, and enjoy character arcs that bring naive younguns into complex and morally grey situations.
What specific themes are you interested in as a writer? *
Example: I love dangerous situations, wilderness exploration, political conflicts and morally grey situations.
Do you have any points of view you feel comfortable writing about or from?
You do not have to disclose anything you don’t feel is relevant. Example: I’m Brian, I’m Autistic, Gay, and a Cis White British Man. I’m comfortable writing about mental health, disability, and queer themes in stories.
What experience do you have *playing* TTRPGs? *
Note: experience =/= time spent in the hobby. Someone who has been playing for 6 month can have just as much (if not more) confidence, expertise and understanding as someone who has been playing for 15 years.
What level of experience do you have writing for TTRPGs? *
Gimme some links to your work! *
Please clearly mark your links. For example: (A) doad.co.uk , (B) linktr.ee/doad . Please only include links where I can read the work with minimal effort- links to stores where I have make accounts / download (and then lose) digital files will probably be ignored.
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