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Whilst we do try to collect feedback and other responses from people following the end of the previous year’s Contest Week, on occasion we do come across people who have something to raise regarding the Contest, but do not contact the proper people about it, leading to some issues or grievances not being addressed, which can lead to potential entries not being submitted in some cases.

An example of this can be the 2020 Contest Week being in the week of Halloween, which some people saw as an inconvenience, but people did not bring this up when SHC was announced months before, for which we could have altered the dates if this was preferred.

If there is anything you want to discuss regarding SHC, you can submit to this form, and staff will reply back in due course.

You can submit to this form any time you want, for each separate issue you have.
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Please be honest regarding your contact submission.

Username and email address are required to ensure we are receiving genuine responses and not malicious stuffed in replies.

People are entitled to discuss what they think about SHC with people in private settings, but ultimately the only people who can take action, are SHC staff.

It is therefore important that if you have had an issue with SHC at any point of time, to directly contact SHC.

Please do not use this to air your grievances about individuals involved in SHC or communities that do or do not take part in SHC activities.

Please note if your issue relates to Contest Week streamers, whilst we do not control their content, we will discuss this to them.

All responses will be sent to SHC Judges for review. We will get back to you regarding your issue in due course.
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