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What Is An Expert?
An expert is someone who is in the endless pursuit of mastering of the art of storytelling. They are able to take initiative, work in high level, low level, fast AND slow-paced environments while still being the best version of themselves. As an expert, you are first and foremost a storyteller and passionate about capturing the heart of the stories we tell and the people we serve.

Secondly, you will need to be well versed in the latest trends and technology to bring the vision of each project to life.

While there is no such thing as perfection, hard work and creative problem solving is something an expert never lacks. Each person is entirely unique, and while it's not necessary (or possible) to know everything, in order to be the #1 place to create authentic content, our experts must be well versed in a wide variety of skillsets and be multifaceted in their approach.

In order to qualify as an expert, you must be able to perform the following at a professionally competent level.

Sketch simple storyboards quickly for pre-visualization, write and edit scripts (AV and Screenplay format), know how to get great performances from actors AND non actors, implement best practices in cinematography and/or video journalism, experience with high and low end equipment (their pros and cons) and able to stay up to date on new technologies.

You must also have a lot of passion for art and creativity. At TAG, we pride ourselves on not being "technical snobs" and bullies. Rather, experts are able to see the big picture for the client and fill in the details as necessary. As an expert, you must be able to use any piece of equipment to accomplish the story effectively. (basically, you should be able to create compelling content with an iPhone)

Ideal experts have at minimum 8 years working on their craft, a BFA or MFA in Film, Journalism, or Marketing (or comparable experience) and have produced several video projects ranging from events and corporate videos to commercial. At least 4 years working professionally either at an agency, as an influencer, or as a contractor.

Lastly, as an expert, you must truly love people and be open to sharing insight, teach, and lead our customers to become the best version of themselves. Constantly searching for truth, finding deeper meaning, and committing to becoming your best.

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