Moving Mountains Registration
Hi Friends & Family,

We are excited to announce that Moving Mountains will be back in person in our new location very soon! But in the meantime we are starting back with virtual classes via zoom. Please see our Fall schedule below and use our easy online registration form to join! Can't wait to see all of you, this is going to be an amazing year!!!

Please use our registration form below to register for clases. A zoom link for your class will be sent to you shortly. Reach out if you have any questions regarding the classes. I’ll be here to help you!

Entrepreneurship with Chris Rolle starting Sat., November 6th
11am - 12pm
Only those with serious interest should apply. Focusing on how to get a business off of the ground.
These will be hands-on working sessions.
Class requirements:
Internet access, notebook & pen, should have a business in mind.

Drama 1
Zuri Reed
Saturdays at 12:00pm starting Oct. 9th
via zoom
ages: 10 - 13
The class will focus on the difference between film and theater techniques, tactics on how to memorize scripts and character study.
Class will work on monologues, and short scenes with an introduction to musical theater.
Class Requirements:
Internet access on a laptop, ipad or phone.

Drama 2
De'on Ragin / Dajour Chuck
Saturdays at 12:00pm starting Oct. 9th
via zoom
ages 14 - 18
Actors in training will develop the ability to tell real stories within imaginary circumstances.
They will study monologues, short scenes and improv with a focus on acting on camera.
Class Requirements:
Internet access on a laptop, ipad or phone.

Drama 3
Tyson Hall
Thursdays at 7pm starting October 28th, 2021
via zoom
ages 20 +
The class is for those who have a strong interest in pursuing work in film, theater, television and multimedia projects.
The focus will be on developing the skills, techniques and practical knowledge of character development and audition techniques.
Class Requirements:
Internet access on a laptop, ipad or phone.

Advance Drama
Jamie Hector
via zoom
For professional actors who want to stay sharp, and go deeper into character development, scene study, and work on original content and ideas.
This class is by invitation only and open only to MM professional actors.

Playing the Stock Market
with D Ragin
Saturdays at 1:30pm starting Oct. 23rd
via zoom
ages 12 +
Learn the basics of making money grow in the stock market through a fun interactive stock market game while learning
life long stock and money management principles.
Class requirements:
Internet access, computer, ipad or phone.

Corey Knight
Saturdays at 3:00pm starting October 16th, 2021
via zoom
ages 12 +
Participants will learn the digital imaging workflow and creative techniques using a hands on approach to edit and capture cinematic ideas.
Class requirements:
Internet access, laptop or ipad and a cellphone for the fall session.

Multimedia Music Production
with Moni Delgado
Tuesdays at 5:00pm - 6:00pm starting Oct. 19th
ages 12 +
Make your own music by learning the fundamentals of audio engineering, music composition, arrangement and score writing for film,
TV, video games and much more! This class focuses on the art of creating original musical content with virtual instruments, multi sampling
and audio recording**
Class requirements:
Internet access, headphones and/or studio monitors. Mac or Windows computer with at least 20 gig free hard drive space.
Basic understanding of how to navigate apps like GarageBand.

Dance: with Deidre McKenzie will resume in person in November 2021
Vocal: will resume in person in November 2021
Photography: will resume in person November 2021

Guy Talk with Dajour Chuck Weds., starting November 3rd
ages 10- 12 ( 6 - 7pm)
ages 13 +, ( 7- 8pm )

Girl Talk with Porcia Lewis starting Weds., November 3rd.
ages 10 - 12 ( 6 - 7pm)
ages 13 + ( 7 - 8pm)

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