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The need in our times of a strong foundation in Philosophy has never been clearer, and our aim is to make such a foundation accessible to our students as they oftentimes need to focus their college education on the secondary but extremely important practical aims of living in society and paying off debt. Thus, we consider developing this rigor course program, which can provide a strong foundation in philosophy for those whose practical goals require them to focus on getting a job quickly, is of prime importance for all those in the MODG and indeed the Catholic community.

Rigor courses are a new interdisciplinary program that gives students the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in philosophy and theology and literature.

Like other Learning Support classes, the students will meet once a week with a teacher in an Adobe Connect online classroom. However, the meeting duration will usually range from 75-90 minutes. Each week there will be a reading assignment, a live discussion, and questions to answer in writing. There will also be papers assigned and a final exam each semester. Some classes also include a weekly recorded lecture. See individual course descriptions in the class pages for prices, book lists, and more information.

Rigor courses are open to all high school students for credit, including those not enrolled in Mother of Divine Grace School. High school graduates and adults can participate in the classes through an audit-only version of the course.

For high school students not enrolled in MODG, there is an additional $50 registration fee. There is a reduced course fee for the audit only version (See Course Selection chart below).

Non-enrolled students should fill out this application.

For more information, contact Dominique Garneau at rigorprogram@modg.org.

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Audit only version available only to post-high school students
Sacred Doctrine
Sacred Doctrine is an enhanced Catholic Doctrine course. Students learn the same material covered in Catholic Doctrine, but they read it from original sources: papal encyclicals and St. Thomas, as well as more modern theologians like Ralph McInerny. Students should expect to read 1-2 encyclicals a week, roughly 30 pages. They are also required to write 350-word summaries a week on ProBoards after each class.  This is the most intense rigor course.  Class meets once a week, 75 minutes duration. Materials Used: Various encyclicals, selections from St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Some other texts from Ralph McInerny, Scott Hahn.
Intro to Philosophy
Description: This course gives an introduction to the various areas of philosophy, beginning with an introduction to logic, which is prior to philosophy. It also gives an overview of natural philosophy, ethics, and metaphysics. Each week there will be a reading assignment, a recorded lecture, a live discussion, and mandatory discussion board posts.  This is a one semester course (first semester) and students are encouraged to take Philosophy of Nature second semester. Class meets once a week, 90 minutes duration. Materials Used: Selections from Aristotle’s Organon, Physics, De Anima, and Ethics, and selections from St. Thomas Aquinas’ works.
Philosophy of Nature
Description: This course is based on Aristotle’s Physics, which treats of the principles of nature and is a precursor to understanding the study of God in nature. Students will become familiar with key philosophical terms, including the four causes and act and potency, which are foundational to any further philosophical and even theological consideration. Each week there will be a reading assignment, a recorded lecture, a live discussion, and mandatory discussion board posts.  This is a second semester only course. Class meets once a week, 90 minutes duration.
Ethics & Politics
Description: This is a two-credit course. First semester earns “Ethics & Politics: Ethics” credit and second semester earns “Ethics & Politics: Adv American Gov & Principles of Economics” credit.  The course covers Aristotle’s Ethics, a consideration of what it means to be a citizen, a discussion of law through the light of St. Thomas, and culminates with an understanding of the type of government laid out by our Founding Fathers. Economic principles are also discussed in depth. Each week there will be a reading assignment, an in-class discussion, mandatory discussion board posts, and occasional lectures. Class meets once a week, 90 minutes duration. 2 HS Credits. Materials Used: Aristotle’s Ethics, selections from Marx, Locke, and Hobbes (provided), selections of St. Thomas’ Summa Theologica (provided), various encyclicals, Federalist and Anti Federalist Papers, the Constitution, Common Sense, Democracy in America, and Economics in One Lesson (see book list on family site). 
Literary Analysis
Description: This course covers classic works of literature: Ivanhoe, Emma and Till We Have Faces are the longer selections in the course. The works of Shakespeare covered include: King Lear and A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream. Tolstoy’s Forged Coupon, Kafka’s Metamorphoses, and Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale are among the works read. Other authors include Flannery O’Connor, Leo Tolstoy, Henry James, Nathaniel Hawthorne, G.K. Chesterton, Oscar Wilde, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.   Weekly discussion board posts will be required most weeks. There will be a final exam each semester. Class meets once a week, 60 minutes duration.
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