The Singularity for the ConTribution Convention
Thank you for playing the Singularity game by the Terrible Creations, as well as for your generous contribution to the Croatian Earthquake Relief Effort.

This is a live (action) role-playing game. You will be assigned a role. Play it best to your abilities, make the most of it. Rules shall be given and explained before the start of the game.

General directions for participation:

• Download and install the latest version of the Zoom application or do the corresponding update (možete to učiniti ovdje:

• Make sure you can get the most bandwith available from your internet connection.

• Please use desktop or laptop to participate, not your smartphone.

• Read the instructions and game materials beforehand. If anything needs clarification, please do ask us before the game starts.

• Ensure peaceful and quiet environment for playing.

• Use headphones during the gameplay.

• Only one player per device is allowed.

All data collected via this questionnaire shall be treated as confidental and used exclusively for preparing and running the Singularity game at the ConTribution Convention.

We'll ask for a separate permission for any other purposes, should any arise. You can direct your questions on how we handle and use your data to
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