Personal Development Survey
This survey consists of several questionnaires that have been previously used in peer-reviewed scientific research. This research is being conducted through the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. For more information, please visit us at
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Please state, on a scale of 1 - 7 how true these statements are for you (1 = very untrue of me; 2 = untrue of me; 3 somewhat untrue of me; 4 = neutral; 5 = somewhat true of me; 6 = true of me; 7 very true of me
1 very untrue
2 untrue
3 somewhat true
4 neutral
5 somewhat true
6 true
7 very true
I often stop and notice an instance of natural or artistic beauty (e.g, a sun rise, a bird singing, a sculpture, a painting) 1
I refrain from telling white lies to friends (including giving insincere compliments).
I do things even though they make me anxious or afraid.
I love to create something such as art, writing, design, etc.
I spend a lot of time discovering things that I did not know before.
I take responsibility for things I did wrong.
When I forgive someone, even if they do not admit their mistake, I feel better.
When someone does a good thing for me, I take time and effort to express my heartfelt thanks.
In the last year, I have set a significant goal, made a concrete plan, and despite challenges achieved my goal.
I am quite playful, funny, and humorous with my loved ones.
I can remember situations during the last one month or so when I helped a friend or family member anonymously or without being asked.
I am someone who will take responsibility for an unpleasant task that needs to be done and make sure that it gets done.
My most fulfilling times in the past six months have been with my loved ones.
I pursue every learning opportunity that comes my way.
I appreciate it when my friends are able to do something much better than I can.
I talk with people, watch TV channels, or read newspaper articles specifically because they support a different view from mine.
My good work ethic has earned me a notable promotion or recognition.
I am good at resolving disputes between friends, family members, or colleagues.
I have made at least three wise decisions during the past six months.
I participate in a religious/spiritual service almost every week.
I exercise or engage in some physical activity as often as possible.
I make people feel at ease or relaxed.
In team situations, I work hard for the success of my team.
Most days I feel alive, healthy, and energetic.
I enjoy nature or artistic beauty in my daily life (e.g., artwork, plants, music, film, etc.).
I do things because they are consistent with my values even if other choices would be easier.
I rise to the occasion when the situation calls for it.
I find ways to use my creativity.
I immerse myself in activities that allow me to explore new people, places, and ideas.
My decisions are appreciated for being fair and just.
When I am offended, I may get angry but instead of holding a grudge, I forgive the person.
I purposely try to appreciate good things in the past and the present.
When I face a failure or set-back, instead of giving up, I actively search for ways to overcome it.
I make at least one person smile or laugh every day.
I do things for my loved ones just because I know they will enjoy or benefit from them.
I have successfully led projects during the past six months.
My personal relationships give me the opportunity to express the best parts of myself.
During the past six months, I have mastered skills or learned interesting things.
I avoid bragging or showing off.
I have at least one close friend whose beliefs and worldview is significantly different than mine.
I complete personal or professional projects on or ahead of schedule.
Others often ask me to provide advice based on my experiences.
I make important decisions after carefully weighing all the options.
I pray or meditate every day.
I can recall many situations where I could have lost my temper but I maintained my composure.
When people annoy me I try to understand their motives rather than to retaliate.
I work well on team/group projects.
I do something every day because I want to and not because I have to.
I am moved deeply by beauty in nature, in art (e.g., painting, music, theatre, etc.) an/or in excellence in many fields of life.
I consider myself to be a genuine and honest person, known to be trustworthy and act consistent with my values.
I do not give up in face of hardship or challenge, even when I am afraid.
I am good at thinking of new and better ways of doing things.
I love to explore things, ask questions, and am open to different experiences and activities.
I stand up for others when they are treated unfairly, bullied or ridiculed.
Without holding a grudge, I forgive easily those who offend me.
I express thankfulness for good things through words and actions.
I hope and believe that more good things will happen than bad ones.
I am playful, funny and use humor to connect with others.
I love to do kind acts for others, often without being asked.
Others often choose me as a leader as I am known to lead well.
Showing and receiving genuine love and affection come naturally to me.
I love to learn many ideas, concepts, facts in school or on my own.
I don’t like to be the center of attention and prefer others to shine.
I am flexible and open-minded; I think through and examine all sides before deciding.
I finish most things, even if get distracted; I am able to refocus and complete the task.
Friends consult me regarding important matters as they consider me to be wise beyond my age.
I am careful and cautious; I can anticipate risks and problems of my actions and respond accordingly.
I believe in a higher power and participate in religious or spiritual practices (e.g., prayer, meditation, etc.) willingly.
I manage my feelings and behaviours even in challenging situations; I generally follow rules and routines.
I manage myself well in social situations and am known to have good interpersonal skills.
I am an active community or team member, and contribute to the success of my group.
I am energetic, cheerful and full of life.