Yana Wana's Legend of the Bluebonnet Austin School Booking
Yana Wana’s Legend of the Bluebonnet is based on the human need for water, its relationship to life, and how Yana Wana’s discovery of sacred springs not only saved her people, but also nurtured a small blue flower. This story of a legendary Texas drought is written from the point of view of the Coahuiltecans (kwah-wheel-teh-kuhns), the original first people of Texas, with direct input from Coahuiltecan descendants.

Produced by The Indigenous Cultures Institute and Teatro Vivo

Recommended Groups:
3rd through 6th Grade

School Performances:
October 3rd-11th
Tuesday-Friday 10AM & 12PM

Emma S. Barrientos
Mexican-American Cultural Center
600 River St.
Austin, TX 78701

$4 per student
1 free adult ticket per 10 students
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