TCTC 2020 RPG Session Submission
Thanks for running a RPG for the RPG Room at TCTC 2020. Tell us about you, your game, and your preferred time slot.

If you run games in 2 slots we'll provide your weekend pass; otherwise, you need to buy your ticket for the convention in order to register your event. All events will be added to SCHED.

To book games in multiple slots or multiple tables submit multiple forms. Our tables are round so they cannot be pushed together.

As the Gamemaster, you are responsible to bring all the basics required for play including dice, pencils, character sheets, and any required rule text.
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First & Last Name. Limit one host per session.
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This email will be used to communicate with your Event Coordinator and create a Event Host profile on our schedule
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Your Thing!
Are you part of something RPG related? Maybe it is a podcast, stream, organisation, or a game you made. Let us tell everyone about your thing with a link to it. Add a link to you thing!
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Game System *
What system does your game session use?
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What do you call this session to separate it from others of the same system; you don't need to list the system here we'll use the one you listed above.
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What type of session are you running?
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This will help attract players to your game. We will typically not correct spelling or grammar, but we may edit it for space. Please try to keep the description to ~30 words.
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Capacity *
Maximum number of players per session other than yourself.
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Preferred Time Slot *
When can you run your game? You'll usually get your preferred times as space allows. If you're running multiple slots fill out a form for each slot, please.
Backup Time Slot
List a backup time, if you can
Additional Information
The Event Coordinator will contact entrants with any questions or clarifications regarding any aspects of the event. This does not indicate that the event will necessarily be approved.
Once the event has been approved, the coordinator will contact the entrant to know when and where the draft of the event is posted, so it can be reviewed and updated with any appropriate pictures, or links to attendee-useful information.

Events will be posted as they are submitted.
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