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Thanks for your interest in applying to the Mountain Goat. We receive hundreds of applications each month, and do our best to read each one. If you're taking the time to complete this application, please be thorough and put your best into it. This is your chance to catch our attention and show us why we should hire you.

Don't be intimidated - we're not nearly as concerned with your prior experience or climbing knowledge as we are with your willingness to work hard, learn, and love and serve every person who comes through our doors whether they're the best climbing in the world, or a first-time climber.

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Here's your chance to shine, tell us why you specifically want to work at the Mountain Goat. Put some thought into this and consider your spelling and grammar - remember, we get a lot of applications.
Why, specifically, do you want to work here?
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Pop Culture
Just a couple questions for fun, to help us get to know you a little better
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