STEMAZing Institute Application for Edison
In order to be eligible for this strand, you must apply as a team of two teachers from the same school (grade levels can be different). This strand is for teachers who do not already have access to a starter kit of Edison robots. Both teachers must attend all three days of the STEMAZing Institute. If one teacher cannot make it at the last minute, they can be replaced by another teacher from the same school. If a replacement cannot be found, you will have to give up your registration to a team on the wait list. Only one team of teachers from a school can attend this strand.

You will be notified via email to the team lead, who supplies their email address below, whether or not you have been accepted to attend this STEMAZing Institute strand. If accepted, you will get a passcode to register your team and pay the $150 registration fee for your team ($75 per teacher). Questions about this application can be addressed to DaNel Hogan at

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How many robots do you and your colleague currently have access to for use with students? Please indicate the type of robot and quantity. Examples include Edisons, Ozobots, Botleys, Spheros, etc. *
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Why are you and your partner interested in taking this STEMAZing Institute Strand? (1-2 paragraph response) *
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How do you intend to share the kit of robots you will receive with each other? (1-2 paragraph response) *
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Edison Robot Professional Development
Please indicate if you and your colleague have attended any STEMAZing Workshops focused on Edison robots in the past. These include Meet Edison, Coding and Engineering with Edison, and Scratch a Python. NOTE: If you or your partner attended the STEMAZing Institute Edison strand last summer, you are ineligible to attend again. Please mark all that apply.
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Meet Edison STEMAZing Workshop
Coding and Engineering with Edison STEMAZing Workshop
Scratch a Python Advanced Coding STEMAZing Workshop
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