World History Vocabulary Pre-Test
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13. Joseph Stalin used forms of ________________________________ such posters, statues of himself, arts and radio broadcasts to promote his communist ideals *
14. The __________________________________ included many demands on Germany as punishment for World War I. *
18. Vladimir Lenin became the leader of the __________________________ party in Russia. *
20. Britain’s government is known as ____________________________. *
7. Dictators often limit _______________________________________ in order to restrict their people from seeing or hearing certain information from media sources. *
2. The _______________________________________ was a comprehensive system of laws that eliminated many injustices. *
16. Causes such as militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism were all causes that led to _________________________________. *
5. Philosophes came up with new ways of thinking about government and individual freedoms during the time period known as the____________________________________. *
12. World War I was also known as the _____________________________. *
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6. Hitler became leader of the _________________________ party which used the Swastika as a symbol of the party. *
15. _____________________________ describes a government that takes total control of every aspect of public and private life. *
4. ____________________________ stated that all people were born with three natural rights of life, liberty and property. *
19. The building up of a country’s military and keeping it ready for war is known as __________________________________. *
8. __________________________________ is an economic system that is based on the idea that all people should be equal, therefore eliminating all social classes and private ownership of property. *
3. ___________________________ is an economic system based on private ownership of property and the ability to make a profit. *
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1. Taking over another country or territory to control its political, economic and social lives of the native people is called ______________________________. *
9. As king of France during the French Revolution, _______________________ was found guilty of betraying his country and was later executed by the guillotine. *
10. Belief that people who share same common language, history, and culture should have their own independent nation. *
11. Soviet Russia became known as the ___________________. *
17. The First, Second and Third Estates all made up what was known as the _________________________________ in France. *
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