United World Colleges: South African Selections
Initial application to attend a United World College in 2017/18. This initial application is due by 20 December 2016 and we will let you know by 5 January 2017 if you can proceed to the next step. If you do NOT hear back from us by 5 January, please contact us on info@uwc.org.za.

Please provide accurate answers. In the next application step you will be required to submit documents as proof of the information below.

More information about United World Colleges can be found at www.uwc.org. Local information can be found at www.uwc.org.za.

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Grade you will be in August 2017 (you MUST be in Grade 11 or 12 in August 2017) *
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Did you receive an average grade of more than 70% in your last report (all subjects combined)? *
Describe something you do or have done that has a positive effect on someone or something aside from yourself. This could include volunteer work, people you help out regularly, work in your community, with the environment, or anything else where you have a positive impact. (maximum 200 characters). *
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