Registration: Cairdeas Faculty Planning Meeting
Many thanks for completing this form - either to register that you are able to attend our first Cairdeas Faculty planning meeting, or to share your thoughts or interest even though you can't make it.

As many completing this form will know, since the inception of Cairdeas there have been many professionals who have provided support to further the vision of ‘palliative care for all’ through mentoring, training and clinical support. In the past few years this has been particularly strong in the support of the Makerere Palliative Care Unit and working with our partners in India. Other opportunities come through our partnerships and may include work in Rwanda, Sudan, Mauritania and Gaza. It has always been a key part of the vision of Cairdeas to mobilise and support effective mentorship and to facilitate these mentoring and training links as well as build a network of experienced palliative care professionals willing and able to work in international roles. Most volunteers have clinical experience but we also welcome others with relevant skills such as training, monitoring, communications, media and finance.

The Cairdeas team and trustees are clear that we would like to establish a more formal structure for those who are involved or would like to be involved in mentoring and training with us - so that we can plan trips and initiatives and apply for funding in a more proactive way - and also to allow us to more directly engage and recognise those who donate of their time and skills in this way.

Please note that along with the faculty which is planned to be made up of 'Fellows' (experienced senior mentors and trainers) and 'Associates' (experts who have a bit less existing experience), we are also developing the role of 'Ambassadors' who we hope will be people from any background (including non-clinical) who can support us in other volunteering and advocacy roles on more of a UK basis. If you are interested in this sort of role then we would also love to hear from you and see you at the meeting.
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