Call for presentations STEW 2018
Software Technology Exchange Workshop 2018
Malmö 17-18 October 2018

Swedsoft invites you to present and showcase results based on experience in industry or the public sector, or from research projects, at the Seventh Annual Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW).

*Areas of Interest*

Swedsoft’s general goal is to help software development be more efficient. This year, we seek presentations related to improving efficiency by 1) letting the computers do more of the software development, or 2) by developing software together across organizational boundaries. We strongly encourage different types of presentations for these subjects, e g technical presentations, popular science, interesting ways to use technologies (please note – no product presentations will be accepted), presentations in different areas such as organizational perspectives.

When presenting research it should be in a state when industry adoption is possible.


More information:

Call for presentations can be downloaded at


::::Important Dates::::
Presentation proposal deadline April 1st, 2018
Submission of slides October 8th, 2018
STEW workshop October 17-18, 2018

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You will receive feedback on your proposal latest May 2nd, 2018
If you have any questions please contact:

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1) Use of personal information
The STEW working group, the organization Swedsoft and Swedsoft's secretariat (Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper AB) will have access to and will process personal information shared in this form for the event Software Technology Exchange Workshop. I understand that by informing I can have my information deleted.

2) Newsletters, invitations and more
I/We will be added to Swedsoft's email lists for invitations to events, newsletters and information to Swedsoft's extended network. I understand that by informing I can have my information deleted and I can also unregister by using the link in the email.

3) Photos
We will be taking pictures during STEW. I/We accept that pictures of me/us may be published by Swedsoft online, in printed and digital material. The pictures will be used both in editorial and marketing purposes of Swedsoft as organization and events by Swedsoft. I understand that by informing I can have any picture of me removed.

4) Publishing presentations
We accept that after STEW we will spread the presentations to the participants and on Swedsoft's website. You will be allowed to have a second version for distribution, where you can remove slides which should not be spread.

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