Please fill out the following form to submit a proposal for a session that you’d like to lead or you’d like to see offered at the 2019 GRCA Conference.

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***Session proposals are due by MARCH 1, 2019***

2019 Tracks!

*Political Education
*Creating Community
*Youth Leadership in the Girls Rock! Movement
*Radical Approaches to Music
*New Camp Cohort
*General Track

Session Proposal
Please fill in this section if you are proposing a session that you would like to facilitate or co-facilitate. If you would like to propose more than one session, fill out this form, hit submit and then reload the form and fill it out again with your next session proposal.
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GRCA centers our work in combatting intersectional gender oppression. In what ways will your track's workshops directly address issues of social justice in community organizing? *
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Please be specific & thoughtful! This is a very important question for session descriptions. i.e. organizers from new camps, camps looking to pay staff, European camps, Board members, etc.
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In the D.I.T. (do-it-together) spirit, I understand that the GRCA may not be able to fulfill all gear requests and that there may be limited WiFi connectivity at Appel Farms. To prepare for technical difficulties, I will save offline versions of all media content needed for this session and save a .PDF version of any visual presentations to a flash drive. *
Session Suggestions
Please use this space to suggest sessions that you don't personally want to facilitate but would be interested in attending!
I would like to see the following topics addressed at the 2019 conference...
Please list any ideas for facilitators (within GRCA or not) and as much information as you can about your idea.
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Thanks for filling out this request for proposals. Remember, you can submit as many proposals as you want, just remember to fill out a new form each time.
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