Nashville Humane Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster for a Nashville Humane animal in need of care! We could not help the thousands of animals we place in forever homes each year without the support of committed people like you!

We appreciate the invaluable service that foster parents provide! We want to make the most informed decision regarding which animals we place in your care.

Completing this application is the best way to ensure a positive experience for both you and the animals. If you have any questions about the following application, please contact Sara, our Foster Coordinator, at Thank you!
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I am at least 18 years old *
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Are you currently a NHA volunteer? *
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Do you have a fenced in yard? *
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Do any children live in the home? *
If yes, please list ages:
Do you own or rent your home? *
If you rent your home, what is your pet policy? Any breed or size restrictions?
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Are you comfortable administering medications? *
If yes, please check which you are comfortable doing:
Are you able to foster an animal that needs to be quarantined? *
If yes, where in the home will you quarantine the animal?
How long will the foster animal(s) be left alone on average per day? *
Do you have any pets in your household now? *
If yes, please describe the type(s) (cats/dogs), quantity and ages:
If yes, where do your pets stay during the day?
If yes, please check all that apply:
Why are you interested in becoming a foster parent? *
Where did you hear about the foster program? *
I have answered the questions above truthfully and completely. I understand that, although NHA takes reasonable care to screen animals for foster care placement, it makes no guarantee relating to the animals’ health, behavior, or actions. I understand that I receive foster care animals at my own risk and can reject or return any animals for which NHA has asked me to provide care. I understand there may be health or behavioral risks bringing in a new animal into my home. I indemnify and hold NHA free and harmless from all liability arising out of any and all claims, demands, losses, damages, action, judgment of every kind and description which may occur to or be suffered by me, members of my household, or any third parties by reason of activities arising out of this agreement. Fosters must be 18 years of age. *
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