Charity Right Malaysia Volunteer Registration
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Charity Right Malaysia have activities almost every week for the whole year, so we need volunteers like YOU! Here are some of our frequently asked questions to read before you sign up:
1. I am interested! So how can I volunteer for Charity Right activities?
Please let us know your full name, email address and phone number in the next section. We will then include your email in our volunteer mailing list so you will receive an email whenever we send out volunteer requests.

2. What will this volunteer request email contain?
You will be informed of our delivery schedules of the month (we usually set out the schedule about 1 week in advance before the 1st of the following month), the project, meet up location and the itinerary of the day. If you are interested to join us for any of the activities, you are then required to fill in a form indicating your availability.

3. Will my personal details be shared with others?
No. Your details will only be used by Charity Right Malaysia and will not be visible even to other volunteers in the mailing list.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all our food packing activities will be done at our office in Kota Damansara ONLY.

If you are happy to proceed, please click NEXT.

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