2020 Spring Application for the Beacons Pathfinder Workshop (starting 1/13/20)
Completion time: Under 10 minutes.

Thank you for applying to our 2020 Spring Pathfinder workshops held from January 13 through May 7 (excluding state holidays and a spring break April 13 - 17), Monday through Thursday.

• AM Workshop: 9:30 - 12:30: Pathfinder Workforce Development Workshop (Focus: Customer Service Skills)
• PM Workshop: 1 - 4 pm: Entrepreneurial Workshop (Focus: Creative Minds)

(For descriptions and more details, please visit the Spring Pathfinder webpage.)

To participate in a Pathfinder workshop, trainees must be interested in employment and have sufficient classroom skills to participate in a manner that does not impede their learning or that of the other trainees.

Trainees must be independent in their self-care skills. If they are unable to independently tend to their self-care, they must be accompanied by a trainee-provided personal care attendant if they wish to participate in the workshop.

The pathfinder programs offer assistive technology and adapted tools to support those with physical disabilities, but does not offer medical care or medical assistance onsite. Individuals with medical needs that require the support of a personal care attendant may attend if accompanied by a trained and self-provided personal care attendant authorized to tend to the medical and other needs of the trainee. Individuals with mental health challenges that may make them disruptive, or cause unsafe conditions for themselves or others are not eligible for the Pathfinder program. Beacons staff does not administer medications or have emergency response teams in place to address or support individuals with significant behavioral challenges.

Trainees with a history of physical aggression resulting in or risking physical injury to others, self-injurious behaviors, damage to property, elopement, smearing of feces, displays of inappropriate sexual behavior, defiance and/or behaviors that impede the learning of self or others, or other disruptive or maladaptive behaviors, are not eligible for the Pathfinder program.

Trainees must provide their own transportation to and from the workshop(s). For possible transportation options other than Lyft, Uber or the bus, please consider:
a. the NCTD Lift program (adaride.com),
b. the Ride FACT program (factsd.org),
c. Carlsbad Connector program (starting 8/19/19) (https://www.carlsbadconnector.com),
d. the WAZE carpool organizer, and/or
e. the SDRC transportation vendorization program (http://sdrc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/TransportationGuideEnglish.pdf).

Our workshops are designed for applicants with mild/moderate disabilities with an interest in community employment or entrepreneurial endeavors. Applicants must be ready, able and willing to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to collaborative small group learning as well as a potential workforce placement. Applicants will need to tend to lessons, pose questions if needed, and follow and comply with instructional demands and instructor’s commands.

If a trainee needs additional instructional assistance, trainees may receive up to 2 additional hours of training per week at no cost to the consumer (for eligible SDRC consumers).

a) SDRC Funding: To qualify for SDRC funding (Beacons SDRC Vendor #PY1700/Service Code: 102), applicants must be SDRC consumers aged 18 and older who have earned a diploma, aged out of the district, or who are eligible for workshop funding through a SDRC exemption in their IPP under WIC § 4648.55 (allowing funding of services even if the consumer is still enrolled in a district program if the consumer''s needs cannot be met in the educational system). An exemption determination is not within the control of Beacons, Inc. and must be resolved through the SDRC. (Please ask the service coordinator to send the applicant's IPP to: Pathfinder@BeaconsNorthCounty.com).

b) DISTRICT Funding: Students still in a district's ATP program or who are otherwise still eligible for district services under the age of 22 must have the workshop and funding approved via an IEP/ITP or other document to be eligible (unless a SDRC exemption has been approved so that SDRC funding can be requested). For applicants still in an ATP program, discuss with the district's educational team whether dual enrollment is available through the IEP/ITP to meet the applicant's vocational training needs and goals under the U.S. Dept. of Education's "Increasing Postsecondary Opportunities and Success for Students with Youth and Disabilities" letter issued on 9/17/19.

c) To have a workshop funded, after completing this form, SDRC consumers should contact their service coordinator to ask if an addendum to their IPP (Individual Program Plan) can be prepared to request a POS (purchase of services) to pay for a Beacons workshop. The service coordinator may need the following information: Beacons SDRC Vendor #PY1700 and Service Code: 102. A sample letter is included on the Spring Pathfinder webpage. For additional assistance, please contact: Pathfinder@BeaconsNorthCounty.com.

Workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 individuals, with a ratio of approximately 10 trainees to 3 staff. A workshop must have a minimum of 4 trainees in order to proceed. In the event a workshop has not met a minimum enrollment number, Beacons, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the workshop.

If interested in a workshop, please compete the following steps:
1. Submit this application to start the enrollment process;
2. Send us a copy of the applicant's IPP;
3. Contact the applicant's SDRC service coordinator to request language in the IPP or in an IPP addendum that would approve a "POS" for the workshop; and
4. Complete the Waiver form available on the 2020 Spring Pathfinder webpage.
Please note that completion of these steps reserves a spot, BUT an applicant's acceptance is contingent upon a review of the materials and an intake meeting to ensure that the applicant is classroom ready.

Submission of this application will reserve a spot in a workshop if the applicant is accepted. However, this application is only the first step in the enrollment process. Before an applicant can be accepted, this application must be reviewed by the Beacons Programming team to explore each applicant's workshop readiness and eligibility. After this initial review, a Beacons representative will contact the person completing this form by email and/or by telephone within two (2) business days to discuss next steps.

RESTRICTIONS: Beacons workshops are not sufficiently staffed or designed for individuals with a history of elopement, bullying, disruptive behaviors, self injurious behaviors or behaviors that are likely to injure others, consistent refusals to follow instructions, or who have medical or other issues that require 1:1 assistance or monitoring. IF AFTER BEGINNING A WORKSHOP A TRAINEE DEMONSTRATES THAT S/HE DOES NOT MEET THE ENTRANCE CRITERIA, the trainee's continued participation in the workshop will be revisited to determine if the workshop is suitable to meet the needs of the applicant/trainee.

If a trainee wishes to provide his/her own trained support, please contact us to discuss. Thank you!
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