StreetPLAY Pilot Program - Pendrith Street (Shaw to Ossington including Pendrith Park)
It is widely recognized that our childhood physical and mental health crisis has coincided with urban intensification and increased street traffic, making casual neighbourhood outdoor play almost impossible without some additional support. Several residents on Pendrith street would like your street to participate in the pilot. This is your initial opportunity to provide input on the Toronto Street PLAY Pilot (TSSP).
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EarthPLAY for StreetPLAY
1) a) Have you heard of the Toronto Street PLAY Pilot Project? *
b) How did you hear?
2) Do you have children under the age of 16? *
3) How old are your children?
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4) Do you want to see more opportunities to engage with your neighbours on your street? *
5) a) Do you want StreetPLAY on your street?
b) Why or why not?
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6) Ryerson University is undertaking a study concurrent with the project. The four main study questions are: 1) Key lessons learned in delivering the Street PLAY programming 2) Participation by demographically, economically and ethnically diverse population groups 3) Quality and diversity of play 4) Promotion of a sense of community, citizenship and belonging. Are you willing to participate in the study?
7) Other cities such as Seattle have modeled street closures from 1 day/week to 7 days/week. How frequent would you like StreetPLAY to be?
8) During the StreetPLAY pilot, approximately May -November 2017, what day(s) of the week do you prefer for StreetPLAY? *
9) The program requires that residents volunteer as a traffic warden for the street.Role: Ensure barricades are out, sit at the end of street in a lawn chair with a coffee chatting with a neighbour to make sure traffic is complying with street traffic choice. You don't have to be a parent to volunteer. Are you available for this role? *
10) Would you volunteer, which days and what hours?
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11) The pilot months are going to focus on May-June 2017 and Sept-November 2017. Is summer of any interest for you to host StreetPLAY on your street?
12) The pilot is defaulting residents to partial closure (only local street residents will be allowed to drive through and park) allowing residents to decide full closure (no cars are allowed to park or drive through the street during play hours) only if there is strong support. What is your preference?
13) What activities would your children like to see on the street? e.g. skipping, manhunt, ball hockey
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14) Are there broader street activities you would like to see if you don't have children? e.g. bbq, cards, potluck
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15) Name and Home Address (e.g. Sazta Kraf - 00 Pendrith)
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16) We will be documenting the play with photography and videos. The images will help us reflect on our program and engage the public through educational materials about play and play provision. Some of the photos we take will appear in presentations and may be posted on our website or in promotional pamphlets. Thank you for your consideration. We understand that photographing children is a sensitive issue for parents. We aim our cameras at the actions, looking at children and the environment. We avoid portraits. However sometimes we do capture faces and if the photo is good and brings a worthwhile addition to our storytelling, we will want to use it. With this photo-release request, we are asking for your support in promoting public education about play in schools across Ontario, Canada and internationally.
I hereby waive any right to approve the use of these images now or in the future, whether the use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to any royalties related to the use of these images. I agree that Earth Day Canada may use the Images in any manner, format and/or medium, and I shall not have any right to approve any use or modification of the Images by Earth Day Canada. I hereby agree and give my permission for Earth Day Canada and/or partners to record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape my child and to display, publish or distribute these images for the purpose of publishing, posting on the Earth Day Canada website, posting on social media sites and/or for broadcasting on television or radio as determined by Earth Day Canada.
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