Park Maitland Foundation Fund Request Form
This form serves as an application to the Park Maitland Foundation for funds to assist faculty and staff with needs outside of the school budget. Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation and approved multiple times throughout the school year. There are currently two categories for requests:

The first is for capital or experiences. This is a request for the Foundation to provide funding for tangible/capital items, or funding for experiences that will enhance the curriculum being taught to the students.

The second is a request for the Foundation to connect you with an expert. This request will tap into the resources and community connections of parents and alumni of Park Maitland, and will help pair individuals or businesses that will enhance the curriculum. This includes experts that can share their skills and knowledge, or that can connect you to resources.
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Date resources are needed: *
What type of request are you applying for? *
Provide a brief description of the capital or experience you are requesting funds for, or the type of expert you would like us to help connect you with. Summarize the purpose of the project/program and your specific goals and objectives: *
How will your request benefit the mission of Park Maitland (Park Maitland’s family environment and rich traditions develop leaders through wonder-filled learning, enriching experiences, and individualized academic rigor): *
Who will benefit? (i.e. which grades, how many students/staff, etc.): *
Identify which categories your project will enhance: *
Describe how it will impact the category/categories above: *
Which curriculum or disciplines does this project/program cover? *
If you are requesting funding, please provide the amount you are requesting. If funding is not being requested, please type N/A *
Is your request for staff development? If so please share how you plan to share the knowledge gained with other teachers and staff. *
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