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This form is for BLOGGERS & other Social Media INFLUENCERS who wish to be informed about Brenna Aubrey's books. This info will merely be used to stay in contact with those bloggers/influencers (#booktube #bookstagram, etc.) who are interested in helping publicize new releases, new project announcements, sales and giveaways dealing with Brenna Aubrey's books.
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Would you like to be added to an infrequent email list that provides occasional content that you can post on your blog & social media about Brenna Aubrey's books? (i.e. announcements, sales, giveaways, graphics to share or even short Q&A features). All of this is optional and you can opt out of posting anything if you want! No pressure :)
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I am interested in being added to Brenna's ARC (Early Review) team.
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IF YOU ANSWERED YES to the ARC question above, please provide a link to a review you've written in the past about any of Brenna's books (can either be on your blog, a social media post, on GoodReads or on a retailer site)
I understand that if I'm added to Brenna's Blogger ARC team, I'll be added to an ARC team mailing list (This one only regarding ARCs and their distribution when Brenna has a new release)
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