Eureka Tourism Survey
The Eureka Visitor Center is committed to improving the tourist experience for the 2019 tourist season. For the next 6 months we would like to draft a plan with actionable items to improve Eureka as a travel destination. Your response to the following survey will provide further insight and direction.
Organizational Background
Is your organization/business supported by the tourism industry?
Does your organization/business have an updated marketing plan that targets tourists?
If so, what are your top three (3) strategies?
Your answer
Public Relations (PR) and Marketing
When you think of Eureka, what three (3) words come to mind?
Your answer
How would you describe your level of emotional attachment to Eureka?
Not at all attached
Eureka, I love Eureka!
What are Eureka's most marketable assets, what sets Eureka apart?
Your answer
What travel destination would you like to see Eureka become more like?
Your answer
Do you believe that Eureka would benefit from a positive PR campaign locally?
What challenges (if any) do you think Eureka faces in terms of negative PR?
Your answer
What strategies can be taken to increase positive messaging and branding?
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Any other thoughts on marketing or PR?
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Beautification and Safety
How important is art and culture in the beautification and branding of Eureka?
Not Important
Very Important
When prioritizing beautification efforts within Eureka, what areas would you target?
Your answer
To what degree, if at all, are the following problems in Eureka
Major Problem
Big Problem
Moderate Problem
Minor Problem
Not a Problem
Violent crime
Blighted buildings
Vacant commercial space & store fronts
Street potholes
Street lighting
Final thoughts
How would you prioritize the following within the scope of tourism?
High Priority
Moderate Priority
Low Priority
Not a Priority
Signage and wayfinding
Events and programming during the off-season
Events and programming during the summer
Promoting the Airport
Street clean-ups
Collaborative marketing
Infrastructure projects
Eureka Centric Branding and Marketing
Broadway corridor entry sign
Tourism summit for stakeholders
Cooperative marketing out of the area
Cannabis tourism
Final thoughts?
Your answer
Passionate about Eureka? Interested volunteering or getting more involved? Please provide us with your email and we will be in touch.
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