College of Education Alumni Chapter Board Application 2019
The Education Alumni Chapter exists to serve the common interests of the College of Education and its alumni. It shall be the mission of the Education Alumni Chapter to organize alumni to promote the welfare and advancement of the University of Maryland’s College of Education by working toward the following goals:

- Foster connections between education alumni, the College and the University.
- Support the welfare and interest of the College.
- Promote the financial and physical well-being of the College.
- Foster a spirit of loyalty among graduates of the College, the Alumni Association and
the University.
- Represent the alumni perspective to the College/University and the College’s
perspective to alumni.

In order to serve on the Board, members must:

- Be a member in good standing with the University of Maryland Alumni Association (or be willing to join the Alumni Association upon election to the board)
- Be willing to attend all regular Education Alumni Chapter Board meetings, and at least 75% to stay on the Board (meetings are typically held in August, November, February, and May)
- Attend at least one Board sponsored event each year, and at least 50% of all events to stay on the Board
- Commit to the current, written expectations for all Board members as approved
by the sitting Board


Please also send your resume to with your application. Thank you!

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