Spotlight 12

A 62 year old man presents with intermittent chest tightness


COPD, AF, Gout, Angina, Bowel Ca, Hypertension,


Metoprolol, Digoxin, Allopurinol, GTN, Aspirin, Warfarin

You are covering the SSU and are asked to review this patient

His ECG and troponins are normal at baseline and at 8 hours post last episode of pain
He is booked in to see the cardiology team post discharge, with an exercise stress test booked in to happen before that appointment. He will see his GP in the meantime and has a patient fact sheet re management of angina and taking GTN spray.
The nurses ask you to just review the CXR before he leaves; he has an appointment in less than two hours and is keen to go. The CXR was added on after this morning’s ward round, and is not yet reported on Web Comrad or Syngo.

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