The Underworld on Steam Poll
After receiving some requests, I'm considering doing a Steam version of The Underworld. It would not be censored, and for the most part would just be another payment method like BMT or Patreon is.

Pricing: Many places* have reported the Steam transaction fees as being much higher than the current fees via Patreon or BMT Micro. To account for that, the Steam version would need to be priced higher, at $12.99/mo. Pricing on Patreon & BMT would remain the same as it is now, at $9.99/mo

( * source: )

This short poll will help let me understand the community's thoughts on Steam a bit better. It should take about five minutes to complete.

Are you currently an active subscriber via Patreon or BMT? *
Would you be interested in the ability to back via Steam, considering it would be at a higher price point ($12.99/mo)? *
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