Berkeley Philosophy Tutoring
Note: The tutoring program can help undergraduates enrolled in philosophy courses with a number of different issues including: (1) understanding a paper prompt, (2) developing skills at reading philosophical texts, (3) developing a direction/structuring an outline for a paper, (4) arguing for a conclusion clearly, logically and persuasively, (5) general help with logic (12A). In order for a tutoring session to be effective, the student should come to the session with a clear idea of what they what to accomplish. For example, if you want help writing a philosophy paper, it would be most useful to come having put a substantial amount of work in yourself already (e.g. by reflecting on the prompts and working on an outline). Also, the tutoring program should not be the first resource to use if you have substantive questions about course material. For those kinds of issues, approach your professor or GSI first.

Note: The peer tutors check the waitlist on Sunday evening and plan their schedule for the week. You are guaranteed a response to your request if you submit it before Sunday at 8:00 p.m. and your assignment is due in 72 hours or more.

If you don't hear from a peer tutor within 48 hours of your request, please contact

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