Fitware™ Modular Storage System
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I'd really appreciate your thoughts about Fitware™ containers. The survey should take less than 5 minutes. I'm applying for a business accelerator and this will be important info to make it in. Please watch this quick video (40 sec) if you are not familiar with this!
For questions, a starter system is 30 pieces. Outer box and 14 inner containers, 8 oz to 16 oz - (the same as deli sizes). All can seal under one lid, or each piece used alone. You can also see more at before answering. I need demographic information for this survey and your email WILL NOT be sold, but for data collection purposes.
1. Of these features, which are most important to you? (Select ALL that apply) *
2. Do you think this is something you would use? *
For questions 3-5, a 30 pc set is defined as: one "cake pan size" outer box, one sealing lid, 14 inner containers, 14 inner lids
3. What would you expect to pay at Target, Costco or similar for a 30 piece set?
4. What would you expect to pay at Pampered Chef, Williams Sonoma or similar for a 30 piece set? *
5. How would you personally use this product?
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Where would you most likely purchase this type of product (Select all that apply) *
Would you be more likely to use this product if you could buy packaged foods that fit right in the box, as in sour cream, pickles, salsa, olives, etc. *
Aside from meal prep and cooking, what other uses would be of benefit to you? (Select any that apply) *
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