Radio Show Application - Fall 2017
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Please fill out the following questions to the best of your abilities to be considered for a time slot at WRMC during the Fall 2017 semester. Remember that your application is a reflection of you, so please fill it out clearly, completely, and accurately. Applications are due Friday 9/22 at 11:59 PM. Please direct any programming or application related questions to our Programming Director Charlie Dulik at
Welcome! *
The following questions ask for the name, Middlebury email, Student ID number, etc. of ALL participating DJs. If your show has only one DJ, do not respond to the questions about DJs #2 and #3. *
DJ # 1 Full Name (First, Last) and Pronouns *
DJ # 1 should be your show's primary contact who will be prepared to answer the phone come Sunday when slots are determined. Also the full name used should be school official name so we can find your e-mail.
DJ # 2 Full Name (First Last)
only fill in if you have a co-DJ
DJ # 3 Full Name (First Last)
only fill in if you have a co-DJ
DJ # 1 Graduating Class (Year) *
DJ # 2 Graduating Class (Year)
DJ # 3 Graduating Class (Year)
DJ # 1: Middlebury Email *
DJ # 2: Middlebury Email
DJ # 3 Middlebury Email
DJ # 1 Middlebury ID Number *
8-digit code including the 00
DJ # 2 Middlebury ID Number
DJ # 3 Middlebury ID Number
DJ # 1 Phone Number *
this is the number we will call on Sunday to offer you a slot.
DJ # 2 Phone Number
DJ # 3 Phone Number
DJ # 1: Semesters Experience with WRMC *
 (i.e. how many semesters, NOT including the upcoming semester or Winter Terms, you have hosted a show on WRMC. Summer shows count as 1 semester)
DJ # 2: Semesters Experience with WRMC
DJ # 3: Semesters Experience with WRMC
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