Recovery Officer Application
Recovery Officers are responsible for leading our dining hall recoveries.  As a Recovery Officer, you will be actively managing and teaching your volunteers while directing your recovery to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  Recovery Officers are required to participate in 1 training recovery per semester, lead 2 recoveries per cycle, and attend monthly meetings with other FRN officers.  

Qualifications: (Preferred) Has attended at least 1 recovery during time in FRN
Training will occur prior to your first solo recovery (within the limits of the requirements stated above), so we encourage everybody with the necessary qualifications to apply even if you do not feel completely comfortable leading a dining hall recovery yet.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
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Please note that we prefer RO applicants to have been on at least 1 recovery.
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If you have any additional information you'd like to add about why you would make a good Recovery Officer (e.g. Cornell Dining employment experience, teaching experience, leadership experience, enthusiasm for the role, etc.), please feel free to include that here.  Please keep your responses short. You may also leave this part blank.
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