2019 HOBY SD Facilitator Application
Our 2019 Leadership Seminar will be held June 5th-9th on the campus of the Dakota State University in Madison, SD.

The major duties of the Facilitator role are as follows:

-- Assist in Seminar preparations; including calling ambassadors pre-seminar, coordinating with other staff, and attending seminar training sessions which may be online or over the phone.
-- Guide a group of 10-12 high school sophomores and a Junior Facilitator through the HOBY leadership seminar.
-- Facilitate discussions and reflection activities in collaboration with Junior Facilitator.
-- Ensure adherence to all risk management guidelines of all participants, volunteers, and self.
-- Participate in daily staff meetings to share best practices and troubleshoot any difficult issues.
-- Mentor young volunteers in developing additional leadership skills.

Volunteer Facilitators must (at minimum):

-- Be available for the entire duration of the leadership seminar from 5pm on Wednesday, June 5th to 5pm on Sunday, June 9th, staying overnight on campus.
-- Be able to participate in long days (typically 7am-11pm) with minimal breaks.
-- Be welcoming to many diverse individuals and beliefs.
-- Be a positive role model for youth participants and other volunteers.
-- Pass a criminal background check (contact president@hobysd.org with any questions).
-- Lead by example and actively participate in various cheers and activities.
-- Be comfortable wearing matching t-shirts, sleeping in a dorm room, eating college food, giggle/snorting at midnight with other facilitators/staff, and making a tremendous impact on young people.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Alyssa Day, Co-Director of Ambassador Staff - staff@hobysd.org
Josey Fog, Co-Director of Ambassador Staff - staff@hobysd.org
Jon Miller, Leadership Seminar Chairperson - seminar@hobysd.org

HOBY Hugs!

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All Facilitators are paired with a Junior Facilitator, typically a HOBY alumnus who is 18-20 years of age. What characteristics do you think would work best with your leadership style? *Examples: "I'm shy, I would be best paired with somebody really outgoing" "I talk too much, so need somebody to help me talk less" *
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If you are a returning volunteer, how many years have you volunteered with HOBY and what positions have you held? *
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In your experience working with youth, what aspect has been the most rewarding for you. *
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We have a *MANDATORY* training for all Facilitators prior to the seminar, regardless if you are new or returning. *Please verify the following time will work for you! 5pm-11pm on Wednesday, June 5th. *
Feel free to list any skills, experiences that would make you an OUTSTANDING member of our 2019 Facilitating Team!
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