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Dear Designer,

The next edition of CYBER Fair will be Sept 1-26th, 2021

◘Brief Timeline:
22th July - Designers Line-up
1-7th August - Payment
29-31st August - SETUP
1st Sept - CYBER Fair Opens

Thank you for your interest!
As you know, the theme is Cyber/Cyberpunk /sci-fi /robotic/futuristic/cybernetic and everything related
Please follow the theme, as items not fitting the fair theme will be removed.

Take inspiration here: https://www.pinterest.com/accesseventofficial/cyber-inspo/

◘ Please read carefully our Rules & Policy:

• Only 100% original content will be accepted.

• All Designers must create at least 1 EXCLUSIVE release (2 for SPONSORS), related to the event theme - all about CYBER, sold at the event location only. No re-texturing of past items or full perm templates bought from Marketplace will be accepted for any reason. We accept only 100% original content.
(once the event ends you can re-sell your exclusive items in your store).

• All items must follow the event theme. The theme is cyber, sci-fi, robotic, futuristic..etc. We reserve the right to return items not related to the event theme.

• Gacha machines are allowed, as long they are NEW, EXCLUSIVE, and respect the fair theme.

You must consider the following requirements:

- Must create minimum of 6 common products and 1 rare
- Rare should be 7% - 15%,
- The price should be between L$50 - L$100.

• Any item violating the SL TOS (see TOS (http://lindenlab.com/tos/ ) or copy infringement from real-life brands (patterns, logos, etc.) will not be tolerated. These items will be returned to their creator before the beginning of the event. No Exceptions.

◘ Available Packages:

→ Standard: Must set up only an Exclusive item, no past releases allowed.
Fee: 6.000L Prims: 70

webpage: https://www.access-sl.com/cyber-fair-by-access


For any additional information, contact:

CYBER Fair Team:
Silvia Antorian - Owner & Organizer
Lili Page & Bamzii - Setup staff

Thank you.

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You understand the Fair is strictly themed and you will have to follow the theme in your creations. *
The SETUP Deadlines are very important. You must prepare ahead of time and set up in the period provided. Notify us if you are running late. Do you understand this is important? *
1-7th August - PAYMENT
29-31st August - SETUP
1st Sept - CYBER Fair Opens
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