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This feedback is only for Maharshi Dayanand College Library users.This is to request you to give your feedback about the Library. Your valuable feedback will help us to improve the library services.
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MDCL has physical facilities that are visually appealing
Convenient Library timings for users
Library has a good collection of books and Journals
MDCL has qualitative collection (Syllabus related and for extra reading)
Library has sufficient quantity of collection
MDCl has provision of Internet based information services
Proper arrangement of print resources
MDCL has useful signage's (Shelf guide & Location board etc.)
MDCL provides Internet facility to all users
Automated library (library operations via computer)
Error free records in OPAC
Staff is taking sincere interest / willingness to help users
Staff understands the specific needs of the users
MDCL staff has knowledge / competence to answer user's queries
Purpose of using Library Computers (UGC-Network Resource Center)
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Which book do you like most in the library?
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Are you using other library within the city?
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Can you suggest some good books/magazine which is not available in MDCL
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Do you access Library Catalogue (Web-OPAC) in Mobile through QR Code
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Your overall impressions about the Library
Do you access online resources subscribed by the library e.g. NLIST & DELNET
Do you think Library website ( provides everything about the library services and products? If not, please comment what type of information you find it missing the library site.
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Have you attended Library orientation program in the library or classroom?
If yes, How you realize this program is necessary for effective utilization of library resources?
Any other comments/ suggestions for improving the Library services
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