Ashton Pool Party Reservation Form 2019
Option 1: Guest Fees only, no reserved area or special facilities (WEEKEND RATES are FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, and HOLIDAYs) (Set up and clean- up is on you!)
1- 10 guests =$10/person; 11 + guests = $9/person.

Option 2: Guest Fees only, no reserved area or special facilities (WEEKDAY RATES are MONDAY- THURSDAY) (Set up and cleanup is on you) 1-10 guests= $10/person; 11+ guests= $8/person

Option 3: Reserved Area Rental (Area between Dive Well and Snack Bar will be reserved for 3 hours) $200 Rental Fee and $4.00/person (WEEKDAY OR WEEKEND AVAILABILITY)** If the party is over 21 guests there will be an additional guard fee of $25/hr. The manager will access based on the number of guests. 0-20 ($0) 21-40 ($50.00- 2 additional guard needed) 41-60 ($75.00- 3 additional guards needed) 60-80 ($100 - 4 additional guard needed)

Host will provide the pool manager 5 days prior to the party a list of all the party guests. If a guest name is not on list they will not be able to enter the facility.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds if cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the event. All pool rules apply and will be enforced. RAIN POLICY: If thunder and/or lighting are detected in the area before your party, we will try to reschedule for a mutually acceptable date.

Payment: after this request is processed, you will be contacted with a payment total and request for Deposit. 50% is due to schedule, and the remainder is due 72 hours before the event. If payment is not received 72 hours prior, the event will be cancelled and deposit forfeited.

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AGREEMENT I have read and understand completely the Ashton Pool Party reservation agreement. I understand that I am responsible for the actions of my guests, and that I have read the cancellation and rain policies above. I understand that the lifeguards are in charge of the safety of my guests and the facility. Adults in attendance are expected to assist and cooperate with the lifeguards. I also understand that repeated warnings from the lifeguard will be grounds for ejection from the pool party. Any damage from my guests will be charged to my account. I will bring to the attention to the manager if any guests have special health requirements. *
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