Viva Shalom 2020:
Latin American Jewish Community Immigration Survey
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2. What is your gender?
3. What is your current address?
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4. What is your preferred phone number?
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5. What is your country and town/city of origin?
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6. Did you come directly to Dallas after leaving your country of origin?
7. If not, where else have you lived?
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8. What year did you come to Dallas?
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9. What age were you when you left your country of origin/when you came to Dallas?
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10. Were you able to visit Dallas before moving here?
11. What was your highest level of education in your country of origin?
12. What was your occupation/profession in your country of origin (if applicable)?
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13. What is/was your occupation/profession in Dallas?
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14. Did you move to Dallas with a spouse/partner?
If you answered "Yes," please answer questions 15-22, then proceed to question 27. If you answered "No," proceed to question 23.
15. What is/was your spouse/partner’s name (if applicable)?
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16. What is/was your spouse/partner’s country of origin?
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17. What is/was your spouse/partner’s gender?
18. How old was your spouse/partner when they came to Dallas?
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19. What was your spouse/partner’s highest level of education in their country of origin?
20. What was your spouse/partner’s occupation/profession in their country of origin?
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21. What is/was your spouse/partner’s occupation/profession in Dallas?
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22. Did you move to Dallas with children under age 18?
23. With whom did you move/travel?
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24. If you have ever been married or in a domestic partnership, where did you meet your spouse/partner?
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25. Do you have children?
26. If so, where were they born?
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27. Did your children attend a Jewish preschool or day school (if applicable)?
28. Is/was there an active Jewish community in your country of origin?
29. If so, how were you involved?
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30. Did you join a congregation when you moved to Dallas?
31. If so, of what denomination was it?
32. What was the primary reason you left your country of origin?
33. What is the primary reason you chose to move to Dallas?
35. Briefly describe your process of immigration:
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The responses you have provided so far will help establish a basic overview of Latin American Jewish immigration to Dallas. To ensure a deeper understanding of this community's immigration for historical purposes, and to create a record you can pass on to your future generations, we invite you to tell your unique immigration story.
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To schedule your oral history, please copy the following web address into your browser:
We will contact you to follow up shortly after we receive your confirmation. If you do not see a day or time that works for you, please contact our office.
Become a member of the "Viva Shalom!" Host Committee! Your insight and participation will help DJHS plan an exceptional event.
-Play a vital role in honoring your community--and your own history
-Assist in spreading the word about Viva Shalom!
-Assist in improving our contact lists and related data
-Receive special recognition in the event program and related materials
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We will contact you shortly if you selected to participate in the planning process and/or share your story. Please share this survey with your family and anyone else you know in the Latin American Jewish Community of Dallas. The more data we are able to collect, the more accurate our records will be.
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