Jesus College Boat Club New Membership Form
Interested in joining the fine Men and Women of JCBC? Excellent. This form will help us get to know you, and in turn get you on the Isis as soon as possible.

Some of the information collected is personal, thus we treat it with the utmost confidentiality. The information entered on this form will be stored in the JCBC database in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. If you wish your information to be removed from the database, please contact the JCBC secretary in writing. All fitness equipment in the boathouse is used at the operator’s own risk.

Personal Information
This first section covers the basics of how to identify you.
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This is optional, but it is very useful in the future in cases where we need an emergency rower, or you need a wake up call ;)
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Just a few more questions about your ambitions...
Are you able to swim 50 meters in sports kit? *
Imagine that you were going to go for a run, but instead you decided at the last minute to go for a swim. However, the decision was so spontaneous that you forgot to change your gear, and you are still wearing your favorite running outfit. You decide to go through with your regular 50 meter work out anyways, by leaving your new Nikes on shore. Could you do it?
Have you ever rowed before? *
Are you interested in coxing? *
The cox is the person who is responsible for steering the boat, and providing motivation worthy of a Nobel Prize.
If you currently or have ever suffered from any of the following medical conditions, please indicate below by checking the appropriate check boxes.
This information will be kept confidential but will help your coach to ensure your well-being as a rower.
Tick any of the following (up to 3) which you feel describe your feelings towards rowing at the moment. *
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